January Favorites

January 30, 2017
 This month has been a whirlwind for sure – from New Year’s Day to now, it feels as though I simply haven’t stopped. Here’s a recap of all of the amazing things I’ve loved this month, from products to music to experiences – I hope you enjoy!


ColourPop Aquarius Lippie Stix ($5)
I sang this product’s praises in my Work Lipstick post, and I’m going to say it again – this lippie stix is amazing. It’s so creamy and moisturizing, and it leaves the most beautiful finish. I recommend this to everyone and their mother. AND ColourPop just recently released it in their Ultra Glossy, Matte, and Satin formulas, which is so exciting and wonderful. @ColourPop, why are you making me so totally broke??
Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser ($15)
Honestly, cleaning brushes can be such a chore, but I fell in love with this brush cleanser this month. It makes your brushes smell wonderful for so long, and it really gets the job done well. I use this with my little Brush Egg, and it helps me keep my brushes squeaky clean!
ColourPop “Hi-Maintenance” Pressed Eyeshadow Palette ($15)
You have to try these shadows.
This palette is so cohesive and is perfect for creating rosy looks, and the eyeshadows are so pigmented and smooth. The mattes are surprisingly easy to blend, and the packaging is so cute Ijustcan’tstandit. I haven’t tried many pressed shadows outside of MAC/Morphe/Urban Decay, but this new launch is tempting me to branch out.
(Let me know if you want a full review/swatch post of these shadows & a couple of lippies I received in my last order!)


If you guys know me at all, you would know that music is incredibly important to me. (Fun fact: my blog name comes from one of my favorite songs!) My music taste is quite literally all over the place, as I don’t have one particular genre that I am attached to. I’ve created a playlist of all of my favorite songs from this month on Spotify, and I’ll be creating playlists for every month. Follow me on Spotify if you like what you hear!


Paradise Fears Concert @ Webster Hall
Paradise Fears is my favorite band in the whole world – they’ve been there for it all, through thick and thin, since my Freshman year of high school. Every year they come and play a small show in NYC at Webster Hall, and this year I got to go with two of my best friends. We explored the city and experienced some serious nostalgia when PF came onstage, and these shows are always some of my favorite shows to ever go to. If you’re interested in checking them out, here is their tumblr page, where their lead singer Sam Miller offers little nuggets of wisdom every now and then.My first ever article published in the school newspaper!
I am a journalism minor, but I have always been nervous about publishing my work in our university newspaper, for fear of not being good enough, or simply in fear of interviewing people I don’t know. However, this year one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to be more bold and “put myself out there” more in order to establish better connections with my peers and professors, and in an attempt to fulfill that resolution I signed up to write an article on the Women’s March.

I’m super proud of the work that I did on this article considering it was my first time writing in this style, and it’s one of my favorites simply for that reason.

Starting my blog
Well, okay, this kind of counts as a December favorite, but since the real work on my blog started in January, I think it’s fair game for this month too. I’ve learned so much in the past few weeks, and I’ve connected with so many amazing blogs and people through the #BloggingCollege Twitter chats (follow me on Twitter @supkatrinaa #shamelessplug) and commenting on other people’s blogs as well. I love this community, and I hope to continue to be a part of it for years to come!


Going to the gym
My boyfriend’s been forcing encouraging me to go to the gym every day, and it’s honestly done wonders for my health, both mentally and physically. While this month has been super taxing, a good workout session makes me forget about all of my problems and channel my negative energy into something positive. I really like lifting weights and I’ve gained a new appreciation for cardio. If you’re ever really stressed, I highly suggest going to the gym – it really makes a difference!
I’m addicted to Pinterest, I’ll admit it – I never used to understand the point of Pinterest, but I was so very wrong. I love discovering blog posts on literally anything that I’m interested in, and it gives me so much inspiration for my blog. (you can follow my Pinterest boards here, guys. I try to make them aesthetically pleasing.) I’ve saved so many helpful tips on careers/internships and studying, and I’ve tried way more pins than I can count.
New York Times Subscription
My journalism professor highly suggested that we subscribe to the New York Times 1. to stay up to date and 2. to complete article analyses every week, and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. The NYT releases a daily briefing every morning and sends push notifications when something big happens, and I feel much more connected to what’s happening in the world. No matter your age, I highly suggest a subscription to any newspaper so that you can stay up to date. The political climate is incredibly tense right now, and knowledge about current events is imperative to being an active and contributing citizen (in my humble opinion).
La La Land

Oh my goodness. You have to see this movie. I cried.

It was beautifully shot, beautifully scored, and deserved every nomination it received. Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling were magical, and while I don’t know much about movies, I know that this one is definitely going to be a classic for years to come. You must see it.


What were your favorites of January 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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