#STEMBabes: An Introduction

February 3, 2017
When getting ready for college, most people scour the internet for tips and advice for the next chapter of their lives, from college packing lists to how to deal with your first meeting with a professor. While all of these tips were wonderful to find (and SO many college bloggers are making amazing content specifically for this reason), many of the questions I had during the summer before my freshman year went unanswered.
As a girl majoring in Biomedical Engineering, I had so many questions, and my Google & Pinterest searches came to nothing.
Questions like:

How do I get a research position at college?

How do I study for a calculus exam?

Will there be other girls in my classes? How do I make friends?

What internships am I eligible for?

What’s a technical interview? 

What do other girls in engineering do for fun? How do they balance everything?
When I started this blog, I felt a kind of duty to answer these questions for everyone who is searching in the same way I was, now that I’ve gained experience and a better understanding of what college is really like. Thus, #STEMBabes was born.

What is it?

#STEMBabes, a new series on Yours Truly, Katrina, aims to answer these questions for the college-aged girl in a science-related field. Every month we will be featuring a female science major/science-related professional that can offer advice on exactly how they’re navigating the exciting/scary minefields that are college, careers, and relationships. My hope is that a girl similar to Freshman Katrina may see this and feel reassured about their decision to pursue a career in STEM, despite all of the doubt that will inevitably creep into her mind.
So many of my friends are doing amazing, wonderful things, and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

Be a part of the project!

I am so excited to get #STEMBabes off the ground and running (the first profile will be up on the blog on February 17, so mark your calendars!), and if you are a girl currently majoring in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics-related field, I would love to interview you for this series!
If you are a blogger and you have some time to spare, please consider submitting a guest post for this series – your individual voice would be a wonderful addition to this series, and it’s a great opportunity for you to talk about what you do and what you love.
Are you interested in contributing/being interviewed? Send me an email at: with your name, major, and #STEMBabes in the subject and fill out this quick survey – from there we can talk more about your article!

Are you interested in STEM fields? What kind of advice would you like to hear from other women in the industry?

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