Chats with Kat – Vol. 6

October 19, 2018

I took a poll on my Instagram and Twitter yesterday, and most of you said you wanted an update post so here it is! Life has been fairly hectic since we last spoke, ngl. With school kicking in (+ responsibilities), I’ve been in a little over my head. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


We are now over a month into classes, but it already feels like I’ve been back for forever. What they say about senior year being easy does not seem to apply to my major – I am stressed to the max! I’m only taking 15 credits this fall, but I somehow have twice the amount of work.

Beyond that, adjusting back to the American school system has been no walk in the park. Getting used to taking exams and constant homework has been rough. Maybe it’s a little bit of senioritis too, but I really feel behind this year. Does anybody else know where I’m coming from?

On the plus side, however, I finally feel like I’m learning skills for work. My Capstone class advisor is really focused on the medical device development process, so I am gaining so much knowledge working on that project. Additionally, my lab class is super hands-on, which I love! 


I suppose there isn’t much to update you all on this front; my life is basically school and being an RA. I did turn 21 two weeks ago, but nothing has really been happening on the drinking front, mostly because I’m so busy doing homework all the time!

Since getting sick a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been struggling to get my butt back into the gym, but hopefully things change next week. I tried going a few days after “recovering”, but I felt winded so quickly because of my congestion and that really discouraged me from going back. I’m not sure if any of you guys go through this, but going to the gym is definitely a constant struggle for me. If you have any tips at all, please leave ’em in the comments and help a girl out!

One exciting thing is that I recently purchased a brand-new pair of glasses from Warby Parker, and I love them! They’re the “Durand” style in Rosewater, and I’m obsessed. Someone said they make me look like a grandma, but I don’t care. I feel super trendy and cute. (Insert lo-quality selfie here:)

I’m thinking of doing a review post on the entire process – let me know if that’s something you want to see!


YOUNG THE GIANT RELEASED A NEW ALBUM, and that’s my entire update. I’m not freaking out, you’re freaking out. 

For those of you that don’t know who Young the Giant are, they’re one of my favorite alternative bands from my “youth”. I put youth in quotes because, well, I’m still a youth.


I listened to them a ton my senior year of high school, and I could wax poetic about how fitting it is that their new album came out my senior year of college. *cue the tears*

If you like Mumford & Sons or Walk the Moon, you’ll love this new album!


Last weekend, my fellow Blogger Babe Abroad Caitlyn came to visit me here in Newark! We had such a great time exploring New York City (new YouTube video up NOW) with Gabby from The Swirl, going out for drinks in Hoboken, and generally walking around Newark. Also, ngl, it was so nice to have someone around to take photos (lol).

photo credit: Caitlyn Stone

Speaking of photos, I’ve got a new outfit post coming up next week on a staple in my fall wardrobe, so be on the lookout for that! As always, I’m down to create whatever you guys are interested in, so leave any post requests in the comments.

Final Thoughts

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed reading this lil’ update of my life. I’ll check in with you next month with another Chats with Kat!

photo credit: Caitlyn Stone

What have you guys been up to? Are you excited for the beginning of fall?

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