2020 Word of the Year | Preparing for a New Decade

January 2, 2020

It’s about that time! It’s a bit strange to wrap my head around the fact that 2019 is over. I knew this year would be big for me going into it, but I didn’t anticipate just how big it would be. Yes, I graduated college and started a brand new job, my first “big girl job”. But I also traveled to a bunch of places with my family, started a long-distance relationship, and moved into my first apartment. Looking towards 2020, it’s hard to imagine how this past one can possibly be topped!

Since I’ve done mantras and mood boards for the past few new years, I wanted to switch things up. For 2020, I’ve decided to choose a word to encompass the new year and the new decade. I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers and some of my friends do this, and I really appreciated the simplicity of it all.

My word for 2020 is: discipline

dis·​ci·​pline (‘ di-sə-plən) – self-control

The 2010s were all about my “coming of age” (for lack of a better phrase). If you are also in your twenties you know what I mean. This past decade was the decade of finding yourself. Understanding what you like, what you don’t like, and who you want to be.

Now as we embark into adulthood, the 2020s, I’ve decided, are all about shaping myself into that person I want to be. And, as my time in school taught me, discipline is needed to make any change.

This word was at the forefront of my mind as I put together my goals for 2020. I’m realizing that every single one of my goals incorporates discipline in some way, and it’s satisfying to have a common thread run through all of my goals.

Goals for the new year

Goal #1 – Save money, and be more diligent about personal finances

I will be the very first to admit that 2019 was a year of spending. When you move into a new apartment, start a new job (which of course requires a new wardrobe), and suddenly have an income, it’s hard to not spend money. As a result, my #1 goal this year is to be more diligent about my money habits. Beyond just saving money, I want to learn more about investing, budgeting, and the stock market. To be honest, talking and thinking about money scares me, but I don’t want to be that way anymore. I want to be able to make my money work for me and get rid of that fear!

Goal #2 – Read at least 6 books before the end of the year

I loved reading as a kid. Like, so much so that I used to need more pages in my reading log than any of my classmates because I tore through books. I lost that love in college because of my lack of free time, but now that I have more time to myself, I’m hoping to rediscover my love of reading. Santa was nice enough to put a Kindle in my stocking this year, so I’m feeling well-equipped to handle this goal! I’ve got a laundry list of books both fiction and non-fiction to read (and re-read), but if you have any recommendations please please let me know.

Goal #3 – Develop healthy habits (go to the gym/cook for myself more), and kick unhealthy ones (sugar/eating out)

2019 saw me become more conscious of my health habits. I joined a gym and discovered a love for spin and yoga, and I became aware of the kinds of foods that made me feel gross vs. the foods that made me feel healthy. Even though I admittedly gained weight since graduating college, I’m thankful for the progress I made in increasing my consciousness of my health. Looking towards 2020 and keeping discipline in mind, I’m excited to continue working out regularly and eating healthier foods. For me, this goal is all about making a sustainable lifestyle change, not embarking on a “diet”, and I’m feeling really hopeful about it.

Goal #4 – TRAVEL MORE! Plan at least one non-work, non-family trip

Being abroad for six months in college made me realize how much I love traveling. Although I hate flying, I love to explore new places. I did my best to incorporate that into my 2019. My mom and I took an amazing trip to San Francisco, we took a family cruise this year, and Michael and I went on our first weekend trip together! However, I want to do more of that this year. I’m hoping to plan an international trip outside of the big one I’m doing with my family this year, and I’m excited to get traveling again!

Goal #5 – Be intentional in my growth as an engineer and blogger

Finally, I want my twenties to be years of growth for me, both personally and professionally. I just started this exciting career in medical devices, and I want more than anything to be the best engineer I can be. At work, I want to focus on developing my skills in things like GD&T and engineering analyses in 2020, to build a solid foundation for the rest of my career. There is so much to learn, and I’ve only just scratched the surface!

As for my content, I want to post more consistently this year on both my blog and my YouTube channel. I was worried that post-grad life would limit me in the content I create, but I’m realizing more and more that I have a lot to say about the stage of life I’m in. There is so much I’d love to share with you all – my experiences as an engineer, navigating things like long-distance relationships, and finding your identity again out of school. I’m working on brainstorming more content for the blog and for my YouTube channel, and I am so excited about the road ahead.

2020 word of the year: preparing for a new decade

There is no denying that 2019 was a huge year for me. Sometimes I felt like I was getting whiplash because everything was moving so fast! 2019 was exciting and wonderful and taught me so many things about myself. It was the perfect way to close out that coming-of-age chapter of my life. Now I’m looking to 2020 and the rest of adulthood, and I feel more ready than ever to jump in headfirst. We are building a foundation this year friends, and I can’t wait to get started.

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