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    the Q1 wrap-up – so far, it’s alright

    May 3, 2023

    I saw someone on TikTok say that the idea of using business quarters to describe phases in your life is silly/fun, and I think it’s actually a really nice way to tackle things like me getting back to blogging. I said I was going to try to post weekly last time…and that definitely did not pan out. Quarterly feels a little more manageable, and is probably a more appropriate timeframe to be providing you with some updates on life!

    speaking of updates…

    Aside from fighting The Great (ticketmaster) War multiple times over (for Taylor Swift, for the Jonas Brothers, for Paradise Fears, of all bands), the only major update I have is that I joined a gym and started some beginner weight lifting programs. It is really fun to see how much progress I make each time I lift, and it’s nice to do something that still feels a little out of my comfort zone. I started going pretty religiously in January and am keeping it up, minus a tiny hamstring injury I incurred in the most embarrassing way. I guess this is getting older, right?

    some updates: me in my gym girl era (left), the 1975 at MSG (right, the best day)

    That ties me into the title of this post. My favorite song by The 1975 is So Far, It’s Alright, off of their self-titled deluxe album. It describes the melancholy, routine way of telling yourself that everything is alright even if it might not be. As someone who is used to something big and exciting always being at my doorstep, this season of life where the changes are minimal is something I am coming to terms with. I know that there are big changes on the horizon, and I feel a sort of existential anticipation for what is to come. It’s weird to be here, almost stuck in limbo, knowing your life could change soon but not having any clue what it’s going to look like.

    As I’m pretty fresh into my mid-20s, it makes me wonder if adulthood is like this all the time. Is everything just alright? Do I even really need big things in my life to be happening in order to feel happy? Are we always just in search of our next goal, or our next accomplishment?

    so far, it’s alright.

    That sounds a bit bleak, but I promise I’m doing alright. My co-star app says that this month is going to be a time of appropriate self-reflection, and it feels true. Q1 of this year has been a lot of re-calibrating to who I am. As it turns out, I am a person that actually enjoys working out. I am a person that is interested in learning new things and expanding beyond my job. I’m finding that I actually do have opinions and am learning to express them!! And, as if we didn’t already know this, I really love going to concerts.

    I got to see The Summer Set in concert two weeks ago, which was impossible when I graduated college (because they were broken up!). I am in fact getting to see the Eras Tour this month, and Michael and I are taking a trip up to Boston to see Niall Horan (double !!!!!!). If you knew me as a high schooler, you know that this is the lifestyle I have always wanted. There are downsides to being an adult (see above), but the upsides include having big-girl money to live my concert-going dreams. It feels incredibly validating to feel like I am returning to who I am at my core, a girl who loves music, all these years later.

    looking ahead to Q2…

    Even though there are some things that feel a bit bleak, I think I’m starting to see the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I can feel the change coming, and I know that it’s going to meet me where I am. It’s going to be challenging, but I have a feeling it’s going to be really, really good. Even if I’m being a smidge too hopeful, that’s enough for me.

    In the meantime, I’m going to keep finding pleasure in the small things: getting to read a book down by the pier, hitting new lifting PRs, a caramel iced coffee on a bad day, reconnecting with old friends, chipping away at learning new things about myself. It’s spring now – a time of emergence, and I’m emerging, a little bit the same, a little bit different. I’m excited for what these next three months have in store!

    As per new tradition, Q1 2023 SOTU is below.


    gym girl era

    hitting your goodreads reading challenge ahead of schedule

    going to the movies

    speaking up for yourself (in a way that feels true to you)

    re-entering my 2012-2014 tumblr era

    horoscope instagram memes

    setting new goals

    saying “no” when you need to


    sad girl era (except when listening to boygenius or phoebe bridgers)

    doom scrolling

    overused corporate slang (subscribe to my newsletter if you want my list of corporate words i hate)

    being too hard on yourself

    the 1975 only sending 5 vinyls to my record store for record store day

    ticketmaster (call ur local rep)

    As always, thank you for listening! I hope everything is alright with you, and I’ll talk to you in a few months (hopefully).

    Also, Happy AAPI month 🙂

    yours truly katrina, college, job
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