the Q2 wrap-up – everywhere, everything

    July 17, 2023

    Hello and welcome to my QUARTERLY WRAP UP! I told you guys that quarters would be easier for me, considering everything I’ve tried before, and here I am delivering. Boy, do I have some updates for you all this quarter.


    The biggest update of all is that Michael and I got engaged on July 8th this year! It was the most special experience, and Michael definitely outdid himself with everything that went into the proposal. It is a long story – it spans seven days and seven locations (across three states!) and definitely deserves a separate post. That is, if you want to read it!

    The SparkNotes version is that we are extremely happy and excited to start the next chapter of our lives together! To make it even MORE official, I will be packing up out of my Hoboken apartment and we will be moving in together at the end of the summer. So much change, but all wonderful things.

    Photo by Nino Ignacio Photography

    regarding everything else…

    The rest of Q2 was SO busy! I went to the Eras Tour with some friends and then to Boston Calling with Michael on back-to-back weekends. We got to see so many amazing artists, and in addition, Michael and I discovered how much we love Noah Kahan. (His record is playing as I write this!) I talked about this in my last post (big girl money!), but I am so grateful to be privileged enough to afford these experiences. Teenage me is shaking with joy!

    Also, if you didn’t know, my job is also a big part of my life. Once upon a time, I made being a girl in engineering my entire personality, and now I get to do real engineering work at a medical device company! For a while there, it was a difficult adjustment understanding the milestones and goals I wanted to set for myself in contrast to having everything laid out for you in school. On top of that, it can be hard to feel confident enough to form opinions, much less express them! BUT, after a lot of effort, I think I am (finally) starting to hit my stride. I even won an award for technical mentorship as part of the International Women in Engineering Day celebration. (No pictures to be respectful to my coworkers, but if you can just imagine me smiling from ear to ear, you’ll get the gist)

    everywhere, everything

    Should it be a tradition for me to name my blog posts after songs? This one is named after one of my new favorite Noah Kahan songs, which is simply a love song. The past few months have made me realize that there is so much love in my life. Sure, there are stressors, but when the world is collapsing around you (or feels like it), the love in your life keeps you grounded. I think that’s the point of this song, and it is so clear after this past year. What is also clear is that I need a few months to process big changes, which is good information to know about myself.

    From what I see now, being an adult is a lot of that. Encountering situations, understanding how you react, and evaluating if you were happy with your reaction. I am still learning so much about myself every day. It is very cool/terrifying to not know what the “right thing” is, and to only be equipped with trust. Trust in your decisions, the people you care for deeply, and in yourself to always seek to keep love in your life.

    looking forward…

    From here on out, you will likely find me googling wedding venues in my spare time. Or, pinning things to my wedding Pinterest board. I will try to be as level headed I can, but please also prepare to be absolutely sick of me as I enter this season of being engaged (!!!!!!)

    As per tradition, find Q3 2023’s State of the Union below:


    my fiance era (!!!)

    summer fridays (the lip balm & the method of approaching a work week)

    being unabashedly extra

    noah kahan

    playing the long game


    travel delays (looking @ you, united)

    apologizing (at work, and for things that do NOT require an apology)

    spiraling about things you can’t control

    the mattress line in “better than revenge” (though i am not happy about it)

    As always, thank you for listening, and I hope everything is well with you. See you in about three months (or maybe sooner)!!

    Oh, also – I am trying out substack for my newsletters now, so feel free to subscribe if you want some more consistent updates from me!!

    yours truly katrina, college, job
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