Spotify Wrapped 2018 – A Year in Music

December 21, 2018

Since I loved writing this post so much last year, I wanted to share my Spotify Wrapped 2018 results! Essentially, Spotify Wrapped breaks down your listening activity for the past year. It tells you in a few slides how much music you listened to, what kind of music you listened to, and what was your favorite during the year.

Let’s jump into what 2018 looks like for me in music!

The Basics

At the end of your “Spotify Wrapped” experience, you get this cutie little graphic to share on Instagram. This graphic pretty much sums up the basics of your year, which represents your true Spotify Wrapped 2018 results.

To be fair, I don’t listen to that much music – 28,902 minutes is only 20 days’ worth! However, it’s up 48% from last year, which means I’m closer to my old tendency of listening to music 24/7.

Top Artists

Well, these top artists are no surprise to me. The 1975 and The Maine might be two of my favorite bands of all time, and they both released killer albums recently. Besides, The Maine has a song called “English Girls” and The 1975 are from the Manchester area. Given that I spent the first half of 2018 in the Manchester, England area, I think the results kind of make sense.

Young the Giant is a band I listened to a TON my senior year of high school, and I recently rediscovered them on a nostalgia kick. Beyond also releasing a great album this year, their music is great for studying. If you want fun, engaging music to listen to while studying, give this playlist a try.

Finally, Chance the Rapper and Noname are my two favorite rappers. They are both from the Chicago area, and their music releases are pretty thematic. They like to report on the condition of the world they see daily, and I love that lyrically. Plus, their music is super chill and fun to listen to.

Top Songs

Give Yourself a Try – The 1975’s first single off of their new album, “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships”. It’s almost pop-punk but not really pop-punk, and it reads lyrically like a letter you’re writing to your freshman-year self as a senior. I love this track, and played it on repeat for weeks after it came out.

no more time – Ah, an underdog! Flor was a fun discovery this year, since they are the literal embodiment of springtime in a band. This song is upbeat and fun to drive to!

Diddy Bop – My FAVORITE Noname song! It’s so chilled out, and it calmed my flight anxiety while I was traipsing across Europe. I memorized the first verse quickly, and I’m very proud.

Hate That You Know Me – TBH, would it be Kat’s Spotify Wrapped 2018 if a Bleachers song didn’t make it into the top? This song features Carly Rae Jepsen, and is made for bopping around in your bedroom alone. I played this song on repeat for months after I fell in love with it.

(Also SIDENOTE, can we talk about how Lorde was LITERALLY at one of my favorite NJ venues and I MISSED it? I’m bitter.)

Getaway Car – Ah, Taylor Swift. She’s not my favorite artist by any means, but this song is AMAZING. (Produced by Jack Antonoff, from Bleachers…coincidence??) It’s nostalgic without being sad, emotional without being angry, and just overall amazing to sing in the car. The getaway car. (HAHAHA)

Spotify Wrapped 2018 – Extras!

Beyond doing just the little graphic, this year Spotify treated us listeners to some other fun stats, and I wanted to share two with you.

Favorite Podcasts

We LOVE supporting our fellow blogger babes, so naturally my #1 podcast is Girls Talk by Abigail and Caitlyn. I love listening to them talk about their week, and they give great advice! My second favorite podcast was Thick and Thin by Katy Bellotte, and while she does talk about boys quite often, she also spouts nuggets of wisdom and I love hearing about her life in New York City. Plus, her voice was just MADE for radio!

Star Sign?

Apparently, I listened to more Libra artists in 2018 than any other star sign. Cardi B and John Mayer are both Libras, and both staples in my music taste, but I will say this left me puzzled. If neither of them made my top artists list, how is it possible that I listened to more Libra music than the music that made my top list?

Let me know if you received your star sign in this part of your Spotify Wrapped results – I need to know if it’s a scam! Or if I just like listening to Libras because they understand my problems of indecision and tendency to take too much on at once!

Listen to my music!

Thankfully, Spotify blessed us with a curated playlist of our top 100 songs. If you’re interested in listening to my music taste, make sure to click through the playlist below!

Final Thoughts

I love looking at my Spotify history as part of my year in review. Since I was a little girl, music was always a huge part of my life, and seeing all of the songs I listened to this year was a perfect trip down memory lane. It reminds me of how much can change in a year, and how many new experiences I gained in 2018. I’m not gonna get sappy now (we’re saving that for a 2018 wrap-up post!), but it’s still cool to see.

If you haven’t gotten your Spotify Wrapped 2018 report yet, what are you waiting for? Go do it now!

Who were your top artists of 2018? What kind of music do you like to listen to?

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